Established in 1998 registered office ownership Kaleem Khan & Younus Syed ,No partnership,with Employees around 20 members with fully experienced people,with Office Furnitures,Chairs,Tables,Work station,Floor Mats etc,Also deals with Modular work station,Glass Pataction,Alluminium Pataction.Both will Buy & Sell Office Furniture even for Rent we undertake all used material we demolish the old buildings. K.K Steel Is A Family Owned Company that produces office furnishings with the finest elaboration and quality. Experience we have dedicated ourselves to provide glamorous furniture crafted in depth with impeccable design and subtlety and we have attributed our agile ability to offer a legendary service to our customers. In particular, we cherish the peculiar and individual pieces that you will not meet in any other place. We are arrogantly proud to offer you the unique top quality and elegant furniture. We offer a wide range of office systems and chairs that are flexible and dynamic. We understand your needs & requirements and provide solutions to fulfill their custom-made furniture . We are specialists in custom-made furniture with our state-of-the art workshop, and skilled personnel, we are able to recreate special designs in quality products.

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